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Meet our Yoga Instructors

Nicole Warren

Date: 01 June 2024

Krissi Cook

Date: 08 Jun and 15 Jun 2024

Natalie Backman

Date: 22 June 2024

Christian Taylor

Date: 6 July 2024

We have a terrific Yoga Ambassador Model, allowing qualified Yoga Instructors to join us for a week's sailing in Croatia.

We provide everything including the beautiful boat, full crew (captain and hostess), meat protein or vegan menu, an amazing sailing itinerary and island hopping.  We have the back office, infrastructure for bookings, payments, managing guests and marketing media, so that you are able to host your very own Yoga Sailing Retreat with us.

We have a terrific package which has been tried and tested over the years, since 2016 and we've since become the market leader and provide a wellness holiday of a lifetime. Check out some of the videos below and if you'd like to join our team, submit your details below.

Ambassador Model

yoga in the beach

Host your own retreat!

We are limited by the number of yoga instructors we can bring on, however, we are always on the lookout for talented instructors.

If you think you can handle 1 week sailing the beautiful islands of Croatia, exploring a new town each day, daily yoga, swimming in beautiful bays, and sailing with a small group, then get in touch.

What we need from you:

1 x 60-minute yoga class daily,

1 x 20-30 minute guided meditation,

The ability to bring a group,

Team player

We look forward to hearing from you.

yoga class

Tammy Marie

Date: 28 September 2024

Katie Gomez

Date: 13 July and 20 July 2024

Chloe Frangos

Date: 13 July and 20 July 2024

Rebekah Warlick

Date: 27 July 2024

Eliana Stenning

Date: 24 August 2024

Emily Koski

Date: 31 August 2024

Jessica Hernandez

Date: 07 September 2024

Kristen Kauffman

Date: 14 September 2024

Esme Mason

Date: 21 September 2024

Angela Merendino

Date: 8 June 2024

Jo Woollacott

Date: 19 July 2025

Anastassia Kravtsenko

Date: 28 September 2024

Shifana Mufeed

Date: 29 June 2024

Shruti Shah

Date: 24 August 2024

Cody Locklear

Date: 14 June 2025

Katie Schiffgen

Date: Private Retreat

Charlotte Pragnell

Date: 21 September 2024

Celine Larchez

Date: 21 September 2024



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