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Dates: 13 July & 20 July 2024

Location: Croatia

Specialty: Power Vinyasa

Chloe found yoga in 2015 and very quickly fell in love with it. She felt deeply empowered, grounded, and light after every class and decided she needed to share this feeling with others. That's when she decided to embark on her teaching journey and completed her 200-hour power vinyasa certification. 

Teaching has become a passion for her as she embraces creativity and weaves flowy, dance like movements together perfectly with the connection of breath and emotion through music. Her classes feel like an expansive and expressive experience for the mind body and soul. Chloe is down to earth, humble and strives to ensure that every student feels seen, understood, and appreciated.  She always offers "layers" in her classes. These layers are there for students to explore their practice and have the option of where to move, postures to try on, or simply be still and focus on the breath and just allow themselves to be where they are.

Chloe is deeply passionate about the community aspect of this practice and cultivates strong relationships with her students. She highlights the importance of being a part of a community and feels incredibly blessed to be a part of bringing people together through yoga.

Since 2016 she has also completed her sculpt teacher training, another format she quickly fell in love with. Her sculpt classes focus on building strength and endurance with a motivating playlist and epic encouragement to guide her students to see just how strong and capable they are. 

Chloe is thrilled to expand her community and connection with people from all over the world, teaching retreats, and eventually leading teacher trainings. 

Chloe believes in bringing yoga off the mat by living a conscious and intentional lifestyle. This lead her to become a holistic health coach and dedicates yoga as the catalyst to her life to being more understanding, compassionate, vibrant, grateful, calm, and present -- the list could go on :). Chloe is eager to share this feeling with all those to take her class.

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