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yoga sailing

Embark on a voyage of serenity and adventure with our Yoga Sailing Holidays. Curious about the details? Explore our FAQs to discover all you need to know about seamlessly blending yoga retreats with the blissful experience of sailing across picturesque destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

yoga sailing holidays

You will need to bring your own sunscreen, towel , swimmers and all your holiday essentials.

What do I need to bring?

Hatha yoga will form the basis of the daily practice each day, but there will be a variation in the yoga classes with Vinyasa and some Yin yoga styles taught. Ultimately the style will be down to the instructor and their program.

What style of yoga is offered? 


Do I already need to know how to do Yoga?

Yes on each of the islands there will be activities you can choose to participate in, the Yoga Instructor will advise upon arrival.  

Private yoga classes will also be available, please talk to your Head Yoga Instructor.

Are there optional extras on offer?

Yes, fresh linen is provided at the start of the week, including towels, face towels and bed linen.

Are linen / towels included?

Typically if you're travelling with your partner or friend, you'll be paired in a double cabin.  If you're traveling solo, we'd look to put you in a single bunk.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Yes, you will pay for the double cabin, less €200

Can I pay extra for a double room to myself?

Yes, you can.  Speak with us and we'll agree and payment plan.  All final payments are required within 8 weeks of your departure date.

Can I pay in installments?

Any questions?

You can find our cancellation conditions here.

What are your cancellation conditions?

Yes, that’s a good idea.  Some of the islands/bays we will be entering are small towns that may not have the convenience of an ATM nearby, so it’s always a good idea to have cash (local currency) with you at all times.

Do I need to carry cash?

Yes, it's good to allow for extra costs.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided on board, so you will need to allow for dining out at restaurants.  As everyone's tastes are different, so not everyone will always dine together.  You will also need to budget for any alcohol purchases.

Do I need to consider other costs?

Yes.  Please remember that galley (kitchen) space is limited, so please consider that when you're planning your weekly drink schedule.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Boat shoes are ideal, however non-making, non-slip shoes are required on board.  Heels and black sole shoes are not to be worn on board because they will damage the boat.  You are free to wear them in port. 

What sort of shoes do I need to bring?

You will find that the temperature will fluctuate between high 20 degrees Celsius and high 30s.  It’s good to pack accordingly.

What are the average temperatures?

As we’re on a boat with limited space, we ask that you try to pack as lightly as possible.  You are after all on a sailing holiday, so dust off your favourite swimmers and shades as you may find this is what you’re wearing most of the time. The best luggage to bring is a soft bag over hard luggage, this will also prevent damage to the boat.
Remember to bring some light evening clothing should you decide you want to dance the night away or frequent the local restaurants and bars. 

How much luggage can I bring?

No.  Your onboard skipper will take care of the sailing for you.  Your skipper has all the necessary qualifications, however you may be asked to lend a hand in important times such as docking to make for an effortless approach.

Do I need to know how to sail?

Of course you can!  We prefer group bookings (up to 6 adults in 3 double cabins).  This way you have your friends with you to make your trip extra special.  Speak with us if you’re thinking about a group booking as special group deals can be arranged for the organiser, so it pays to check with us first.

Can I arrange a group booking?

We sail in the peak seasons, meaning that the sailing conditions are perfect.  Sailing is generally gentle to mild and the seas are generally very flat.  There will of course be the odd gusts to liven things up as Mother Nature does her thing, but that’s all part of the fun.

How rough does the weather get?

Check in times are at 4 pm.  Some boats will be able to leave at 2pm, so please be on time.  Other boats in peak season will leave later.  You will still need to be at the marina at 1pm to allow for an early departure. There are facilities at the marina, including bars, cafes, restaurants and covered outdoor seating areas for your comfort. 


Check out time is between 8am and 9am, depending on the boat your on. 

What are the check in and check out times?

We have insurance to cover any boat damage.  You will need to cover your own personal travel insurance. We are not liable for any personal injuries.  

Do you have insurance?

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