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FIT-CATION: Staying Fit And Enjoying Your Sailing Vacation

Just because you’re on a holiday cruise doesn’t mean that you’ll leave just everything behind at home. Yes, you’re on a vacation, but you can still do some of the things that you do on a regular basis while enjoying the sun, sea, and surf at the same time.

Exercise and vacation are two words that clash in terms of virtues and objectives. The former will entail physical fitness and lots of work, while the former will have you lounge around all day, with little or no work at some point. There are, however, a number of cruise packages that give clients an all-in-one holiday – they get to stay fit while enjoying the expanse of open waters, and having a time of their lives.

These groundbreaking concepts relive the tension that hangs when we talk about going on a cruise, and that it’s not all about eating unhealthy food, partying and getting drunk. Today, cruise companies do the exact opposite; while traditional sailing schedules are still popular, those with a side of health-related programs are now taking the industry by leaps and bounds.


Cruise packages usually list down their itinerary in pamphlets, on their websites, and pretty much any advertisement that they have. This strategy entices clients that they offer what they want. On the flip-side, vacationers can choose on the many packages that will fit their budget and of course, the side-trips that they want to have during their holiday.


Once you find the ideal health and wellness cruise that you want, it’s time to put your drab in order. Bring your trusty workout sneakers, sweatpants, tank tops, or simply put the things that you pack when you’re hitting the gym. And since you’re on a holiday, be ready with the clothes that will match the weather of the country that you’re going. For starters, beachwear is a must. Shorts and dresses will come in handy when you dock, while loafers, flip flops and sandals add a hint of comfort.


Bear in mind that your cruise holiday won’t be the typical, sail-dock-sail kind. Since you chose the one with health and wellness as a special add-on to your trip, be prepared to sweat and do a little more than the usual. Med Sailing Holidays’ Yoga Sailing package includes a certified yoga instructor to go with you on your private yacht. Morning sessions will have you and your guests meditate amidst Croatia’s breathtaking views and inspiring sunrise.


Again, cruising doesn’t mean that you will be in the water 24/7. Your private yacht will eventually dock, and this is the perfect opportunity for you go and find the nearest gym or court to sweat it out with the locals. This, on the other hand, will cost money, but since you won’t be staying long, it’s perfectly fine to spend a little. You’re body benefits from being fit, and why not perk your vacation with a good sweat.

Ask your skipper to point you to a popular running trail or go old school and ask around. If you want, go techie and search. It doesn’t matter how you do it, what’s important is you do what you want.


The reason why you’re on a cruise is to enjoy, so do exactly that.

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