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Why Yoga is Best for the Avid Travelers

Yoga is one of those exercises that once you've tried it for the first time, you instantly get hooked. Ask any yogi, and they'll describe their lifestyle as a good addiction – a loosely articulated description that happens when your body yearns for the thrill and sweat yoga gives each and every time the mat is laid.

Yoga involves relaxing the body, clearing the mind of negative impulses and focusing on the unification of the physical and spiritual aspects of the practitioner. By this, yogis get, on one hand, flexibility, good posture and a good sweat, and on the other, enlightenment and a steady flow of chakra throughout their system. These alone are enough reasons why yoga is reaching out to men, women, and even children of all walks of life.


Unlike most sports that you need a ball, a court, or a gym in order to play, yoga only needs your body, a mat, some Spandex and a space in one corner. It doesn't take too much space to practice yoga. Yogis who travel would also pack a lighter bag considering that yoga does not need equipment. Yoga is an on-the-go routine that makes little sense of time and space – whether you're in the office, on the beach, inside your hotel room, or even in your yacht – yogis can do what they love, when they love to do it.


Yoga is practiced all over the world, and sooner or later, you'll find one that's close to you. Hotels offer yoga classes for their clients, cruises have yoga and sailing trips, clubs are a plenty no matter where you are in the world, the list goes on. The fact that yoga has touched and transformed the lives of people bares its popularity, and as a common ground to expand their reach, grow their community, and open the possibilities of those who are still adamant to try yoga to give it a shot.


Traveling isn't going to be all good and no bad, and there will be bumps (even big ones) along the road. These will come in untimely cancellation of flights, unscheduled train maintenance, bad weather, the whole nine yards. We really cannot control these unwanted predicaments, but yes, these will disrupt the feeling of euphoria that you're going on a vacation for a very long time. By the end of the day, your buttons are pushed and you're on the verge of blowing your steam.

Fortunately for you, you know yoga. Take this scenario: you drop your luggage, you find a nice, quiet, spot on the corner of the passenger's lounge, you take a deep breath and strut your best Bound Angle, Tree Pose, or stay on Corpse Pose for a couple of minutes. The next thing you know is that you're smiling, feeling better and the idea of waiting for another hour will be just child's play.

If you feel like having to do it again to extend the positive vibe, you can always go back and do other

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