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Sailing is Yoga on Water

Yoga is a practice that connects one's physical, spiritual and mental essences in a harmonious unison to achieve a deeper sense of inner peace. While its origin can be traced to India and comes in many forms, the word yoga comes with the root, yuj, or “to attach, join, harness, yoke.”

Aside from yuj, the term is also connected with the root, yuj samadhau, or to concentrate. Putting the two terms together forms a concrete definition of the practice as an act of concentration to join or attach one's self to a higher meaning. Today, yoga is practiced all around the world and knows no boundaries.

To say the least, you will be getting the best of both worlds. You and your fellow yogi will be able to practice your craft while cruising the crystal blue waters of Croatia, one of the world's pristine destinations when it comes to sailing holidays and retreats. On board your private yacht will be a designated skipper, hostess and a certified and expert yoga instructor that will indulge guests with daily yoga meditation alongside some of the country's best backdrops. The crew will also prepare vegetarian breakfast and lunch, made fresh every day and on board.

The seven-day retreat will start from the magestic Split to the elegant Dubrovnik. Each day will bring a new surprise for the guests like swimming the National Park in Mljet, discovering the magical island of Vis or exploring the Old Town in Okuklje. You can relax and watch the waves rock your yacht, or you can take on the challenge of learning how to sail. Your on board skipper will be more than happy to accommodate your request, and will teach you the basics of manning your own yacht, free of charge. Cockatils, afternoon meditations and snorkeling are within reach in Med Sailing Holidays' Yoga Retreat and Sailing Holiday.

Take it with a grain of salt, but yoga and sailing complement each other. Both focuses on targeting a rather subtle state of inner peace and while they do it in different methods, practitioners are lulled to trance with gentle precision.

Med Sailing Holidays' Yoga retreat is a call for those who want to attain inner enlightenment with the blessings of sailing helping them. Each stop will focus on a different face of Croatia and in turn, make a step close to the joining of the mind, body, and soul. Empty your mind, free yourselves of the physical burdens of your everyday grind and take on the journey with Med Sailing Holidays. This retreat is created for you, and for those who are like you.

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