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Private Charter

If you are planning a yoga sailing retreat on a private charter in Croatia, the Greek Islands, Caribbean, or another location around the world, you can arrange a private yacht charter for your yoga retreat.


We offer fully crewed, all-inclusive, private yacht charters for groups who want a boat to themselves when sailing on your yoga sailing holiday.


Whether you are a yoga studio owner that wants an exclusive yoga sailing retreat for your students, a yoga instructor who wants a private sailing holiday retreat for a select few of your most loyal students and friends, or a group of yoga enthusiasts that want the full yoga sailing holiday experience with our crew and on-board yoga instructor, we've got you covered.

The home of Yoga Sailing, is our Croatian itinerary. Enjoy the 'tasting plate of the Dalmatian' on the best sailing holiday, plus daily yoga and meditation.


Sailing the Greek Islands is on everyone's bucket list and we have the best itinerary, including yoga, meditation and the clearest water you've ever seen.


Sailing in Italy is definitely a "must experience", If you've ever dreamed of sailing the Aeolian Islands, then this is it. This is a sailing you wouldn't want to miss. 


Sail the British Virgin Islands on an unmissable voyage, encapsulating daily yoga, meditation, sailing and stories of pirates


Sailing the Andaman Sea is definitely a "new experience". But If you're up for it, then this is it. This is a sailing you wouldn't want to pass on.


If you are looking for a private charter in another location around the world,  you can arrange a private yacht charter for your retreat. 


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