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We’ve picked the Aeolian Islands for our first Yoga Sailing Holiday trip in Sicily for its steady winds, warm seas, and amazing marine life! Why just go on a yoga retreat when you can explore a UNESCO lister for a week of yoga and sailing holiday in one.

Yoga Sail


From charming coastal towns to picturesque beaches and historic landmarks, our itineraries are packed with unforgettable experiences. Whether you're snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, savoring local cuisine, or simply soaking up the sun on deck, every moment promises adventure and relaxation. Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, discovery, and lasting memories.

What to Expect!

Explore and snorkel in the clear waters of Lisca Bianca. This should not be missed.

Lisca Bianca

Two things - Mud bath and Trekking. An experience that will be on top of your list.


This island boasts its lush greenery and of course, their famous sweet wine.


Exeprience the luxurious feel of this island. Looking for IG-worthy spots? It's here!


The most isolated island. But this small island is famous for its natural richeness


Get explore the lavish and stylish marina of Sicily as we start and end the trip here.


sicily map

Everything you need to know on how to book a Croatia yoga sailing trip is one click away

How do I book?

7 Days   From € 2,390 per person


Where do we go?

Our carefully crafted itinerary seamlessly blends the tranquility of yoga with the breathtaking landscapes of the Italian coast. Picture sunrise yoga sessions on the deck, sailing through crystal-clear waters, and exploring picturesque coastal towns. We've tailored an itinerary that covers all the bases - sea, sights, and some fun. 

We begin in Portarosa where you'll have plenty of time to explore before we set sail in the afternoon. Enjoy an Italian bite at one of the local restaurants or grab a refreshing drink to the start of your holiday at one of the bars facing the beautiful Lipari islands.



Sit back on deck and relax as we sail towards our first destination, Vulcano. Well known for its sulphur-rich mud baths and visibly smoking crater, Vulcano makes an indelible first impression. Relax on the black sand beaches or enjoy a therapeutic mud bath before enjoying your first Italian meal for dinner.

Day one


Today we make our way to the most beautiful of the Aeolian Islands, Panarea. Expect delicious seafood and boutique shopping. A short ride away is Cala Junco, a beautiful secluded bay, and nearby Lisca Bianca’s offer hidden coves and bubbling sea springs you can explore. Tonight is also the perfect setting for sunset cocktails!

Day two


Enjoy a memorable sunrise as we watch lava bubble from an active volcano, Stromboli. Today we sail to Salina, a fertile island famous for the production of the local sweet wine Malvasia. Spend the day venturing around the town and the lush landscape before a sunset dinner admiring the view towards smoldering Stromboli volcano.

Day three


Today we'll sail to one of the most isolated of the islands, Filicudi, well known for its wild natural beauty, untouched sea grottos, and ancient pathways. Explore an extinct Aeolian volcano before a swim in crystal clear waters. The rocky shores are a beachcomber’s dream and an incredible spot to spend a tranquil night under the stars.

Day four


With its rugged coastline, crystal-clear waters, and scenic hiking trails, the island offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor adventure. Filicudi's serene atmosphere, charming fishing villages, and rich Mediterranean flora make it a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, beckoning travelers to explore its untouched landscapes and immerse themselves in its unique island culture.

Day five


Depart Panarea in the morning, heading towards Lipari. Stop for lunch and a swim break at one of the small islands along the way. Spend the day exploring Lipari, either by foot or by renting a scooter or bike.

Day six


We'll enjoy a delicious breakfast and morning swim before we slowly journey back to the port where we started our trip. Stopping along the way at some beautiful off-the-beaten-track bays, we'll make sure you soak it all in. Once we arrive back, spend the evening on the beach or by the pool before settling in for a final night on your catamaran.

Day seven


Check out at 8 am. Sadly it is time to say goodbye, until next time.

*Please note the itinerary may change without notice due to weather, sailing regattas, or other reasons.​Departure on Saturday, providing no significant boat damage from the previous week.



Introducing our beautiful Lagoon 42. This catamaran is one of the best models in the industry and is popular choice for sailing holidays.

Boat layout

Here is our Lagoon 42 up close. Look how beautiful it in the cobalt blue ocean.

Full Layout


These cabins are situated on the front part of the catamaran. It's not as big as the Master but some couples prefer it here. 

Forward Cabin


These cabins are situated on the rear part of the catamaran. It a bit bigger than the Forward cabin and is more for shared charter.

Aft Cabin


yoga sicily

You're greeted with Champagne upon arrival

Seven days/nights accommodation on your luxury private yacht

Full friendly crew: Skipper, hostess & instructor. Learn how to sail or test your skills with your qualified skipper.

All your onboard costs included: Your weekly marina & port fees, Fuel, Final cleaning fee, Tourism taxes.  No hidden charges or 'departure taxes'.

Half board: your hostess will prepare your breakfast & lunch

Bring-Your-Own (BYO) alcohol.

We also have a Snorkeling gear on board for your usage.

Wifi (4G unlimited data)

What's included?

yoga classes
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