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Yoga and Greece: The Perfect Combination

In line with their effort to improve their services and open new cruise alternatives to the society, Med Sailing Holidays is introducing yoga in their lineup to cater to those who are looking for a relaxing sailing holiday while keeping up with their physical activity on a daily rotation.

Med Sailing Holidays already has Croatia as a destination not only for Yogis but also for those who want to achieve spiritual awakening. Greece, on the other hand, is their next stop and will include all the amenities of a premiere sailing retreat plus the beautiful offerings of one of the most storied countries in the world. These, plus a certified yoga instructor on board will make the trip worth remembering.

Vacationers will embark on a seven-day, seven-night Greek excursion on their private yacht or aboard one of Med Sailing Holidays’ fleets. A skipper and the aforementioned yoga teacher will accompany the guests for the duration of their trip. Daily activities will include stops on some of Greece’s famous beaches, yoga training amidst tranquil backgrounds, cultural and gastronomical adventures, and a lot more. Yoga practitioners will definitely fall in love with the country, as well as sailing; while both refreshes the soul, it is the mere fact to be away from the busy runabout of the city that will envelope them with the aura to find themselves while on vacation.

Yoga is one of the many exercises one can do even when you’re on a vacation. The art doesn’t need machines or an entire field to do; all you need to have is a yoga mat, and instructor, a quaint space that you can stretch and peace and quiet. From there, yogis can tap on their inner being and release the stress that they have been storing from their busy lifestyle.

Med Sailing Holidays addresses this as a foundation to serve their growing clientele with a variety of options for them to enjoy. This can also be a way for families to bond while on their trip to Greece. The company also sees this as an opportunity for the country to be exposed to a new wave of enthusiasts that will not only marvel at their current tourism gems, but as a budding spot for the yoga community.

Companies like Med Sailing Holidays continue to innovate just as the same as the community that they serve. People are slowly identifying fitness as an important part of their lives not only because of the benefits that comes with it, but also to break the normal routine of sitting in their offices and being stagnant. Pairing yoga with sailing is not a new option, to say the least; it is not a trend that will soon fade into the seas, but a lasting imprint that will continue to entice travelers.

Reward your body and soul with a memorable trip to Greece while sailing with Med Sailing Holidays. After all, it doesn’t come very often that cruising and yoga come together in one holistic package.

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