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Yoga Sailing Holidays is exactly that, we provide a yoga retreat on a sailing holiday in Croatia. While you sail Croatia, we also include a yoga instructor on your sailing holiday to give you a European yoga retreat style experience with daily yoga in the most beautiful locations and evening meditation.


On your relaxing sailing holiday we island hop the Adriatic, stopping in the most beautiful bays for your afternoon swim while our on board hostess prepares your lunch.

On your yoga retreat / sailing holiday in Croatia we ensure you are looked after with a very high crew to guest ratio, with a maximum of 7 guests and 3 crew, including your skipper, hostess and yoga instructor.

Yoga Sailing Holidays is a brand of Med Sailing Holidays. We provide crewed sailing holidays in Croatia and the Greek Islands.  We pride ourselves on offering island hopping / sailing holidays that exceptional value for money.

Croatia is a hidden gem and should be on everyone's travel bucket list.  What better way to avoid the tourists, than to leisurely sail the Dalmatian coast, taking in a new island and port every day.
Our yoga retreat / sailing holiday in Croatia is suitable for all levels of experience. We believe that body harmony and inner-peace should be available to everyone.
Cabins are on a twin share basis, so bring a friend!



Cristina Podegracz


Christina’s sense of adventure has been nurtured and supported by her love of travel and yoga. 22 years of her personal yoga practice and 7 years teaching her expression of yoga to all types of bodies and backgrounds, has given her a unique perspective on how effective and transformative the practice of present moment awareness, embodied movement and time communing with nature can be. She loves introducing and making yoga available to every “body” as a tool for healing and self inquiry.

Dates: 19th June 2021 (Greece)

Kamilla Seljelid


Kamilla is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and kids yoga teacher. She is based in Oslo, Norway and is currently running her own business called Kamilla’s Yoga and their sister company Kamilla’s Kids. Kamilla has specialized in Children’s yoga and has conduced research on the benefits of yoga for children with trauma under the supervision of one of Australia’s leading doctors in children’s psychology, Dr Grant Sinnamon. She has also worked with children suffering from anxiety, depression, autism and ADHD.

For adults Kamilla is particularly interested in how yoga can release our bodies from pain and how your yoga mat can be a safe space to unwind and tune into who you are. Her specialities for adults are backhanding, hip openers and shoulder flexibility. Kamilla is basically a small human packed with loads of information on yoga and the human body, and is (almost) always seen with a smile. 

Dates: 26th June 2021 (Croatia)

Danielle DeGroot

Hello! I am Danielle and am a 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher based out of Chicago, IL. And I am ALWAYS ready to pack my bags and travel! I completed my teacher training with Corepower Yoga where I’m currently teaching classes each week. Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over 10 years. Yoga has gifted me with so many benefits, and has inspired me to share this life changing practice with others. I am also a Registered Dietitian and believe in promoting holistic health that includes mind, body and spirit. I encourage a holistic life with a focus on mindfulness, self care and adventure. I am beyond excited to join in this experience with you all and share this adventure.

Dates: TBA

Farah Mostafa

An Architect and a former gymnast - after quitting gymnastics, Farah jumped from one sport to another until she found peace, balance and awareness in yoga.

Farah stumbled upon her first yoga class while recovering from a back injury, seeing the effect it had on her body, connecting and discovering more about her inner-self was the beginning of the journey. she started digging deeper into a more spiritual practice, then travelled to Nepal to study for her 200 hours teacher training. “I’m grateful yoga found me at the right time. Sharing what I’ve learned and guiding my students through a body, mind and soul healing journey is now my greatest passion.”

Date: 3rd July 2021 (Greece)

Danielle Pitcher

Hello, my name is Danielle. I started my personal yoga practice about 5 years ago and just fell completely in love with it. I think yoga is the best way to get to know yourself. Your true self. Mind, body and soul. I decided to get my 200 hr teacher training, because why not share this beautiful practice with everyone?! Since graduating, I have affirmed my belief that yoga is for everyBODY. For instance, I have teamed up with my City in teaching yoga in the parks, partnered with a yoga studio a run the kids yoga program, and I work with companies teaching corporate wellness yoga and meditation.

My style of teaching is Hatha yoga. I incorporate lots of modifications and encourage you to listen to your body. I absolutely love teaching yoga because I know it works.


When I’m not yoga-ing you will most likely find me outdoors. I love all things nature. I find myself the most content when I’m exploring outside.

I think we are meant to travel, meet and connect with people, explore, experience new things, create memories. Life is meant to be lived.

Dates: 12th June 2021 (Croatia)

Ann Schreppers

Ann Schreppers lives a life that is aligned with her deepest purpose and dreams and she believes we can all tap into it when we overcome our fears.
She teaches you with compassion and helps you to develop the needed consciousness to create a healthy relationship with yourself on and off the mat.

She'll uplift you to new levels of presence, contentment, enjoyment and love in each and every session, so your journey will become an allround, unforgettable discovery.

Ann has been teaching fulltime for the past 5 years and runs yoga retreats (with over 4000 hours of teaching experience) and annual trainings worldwide. She also offers accustomed one-on-one consciousness coachings and private energy healing sessions, focused on connection and conscious communication (with yourself and others). Ann graduated from a two year 500 hour Hatha Yoga training in the Netherlands, holds two Master degrees in Communication and runs her own Yoga Teacher Training in a Conscious Community in the jungle of Nicaragua.

Dates: 21st August 2021 (Croatia)

Charlotte Pragnell

Yoga came into my life when I was working in a high pace busy office in downtown Ottawa 20 years ago.


My passion of yoga lead me to want to

teach others on how this practice will benefit your body, mind and soul. 

My style of teaching is about using a balance of demonstrating, correcting, and motivating the class. I focus on breath, meditation, moving slowly, and gently and at same time coming to your edge to get the full benefits of your yoga practise.


My current emphasis Is to work with specialized groups where yoga has been scientifically proven to benefit as

tool to overcome health and wellness barriers

Dates: 18th September 2021 (Greece)

Rebekka Nerhovde

Rebekka Nerhovde is a Norwegian Yoga Teacher and Musical Artist. She first got introduced to yoga during her dance education in 2010 and has today completed her yoga education in "Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow", "Pranayama/meditation" & "Yin Yoga". She loves the variety of yoga and today she teaches all ages from 4-89 years old.


Rebekka teaches with a big heart. In her classes, everybody can feel welcome. Her classes have a relaxing and loose atmosphere where you can come as you are. She plays the ukulele and sings, so if you have a love for music this is definitely your teacher. Rebekka also uses different massage and acupressure techniques in her classes as well as different massage oils and "Yoga Nidre" to leave you totally blissed. 


Rebekka would like to welcome you on board with her for a magical, loving and fun week at the big blue. All levels and ages welcome.

Dates: 24th July (Croatia) & 14th August 2021 (Greece)

Amanda Freels

Amanda discovered yoga in 2012, in a very tiny and hot studio in Manhattan, and was instantly hooked. “The way that yoga suddenly connected me to something bigger than myself was what kept me interested and wanting to know more.” Amanda began working on staff at a yoga studio in 2016, and completed her 200 hour RYT training in 2017 at Yoga One in Charlotte, NC.


Amanda has been trained in, and continues to study and teach Baptiste Yoga. She loves the rigorous yet adaptable framework of the Baptiste style, and loves the intentional design to the practice, which allows for infinite growth and possibility. Amanda keeps a full schedule of teaching weekly yoga classes at two public yoga studios, with four locations around Charlotte. She also teaches yoga and meditation at a mental health and addiction recovery clinic, where she gets to witness the power of yoga changing lives.


Amanda has found her passion teaching yoga, explaining, “Some of my favorite things about teaching yoga is watching the transformation that happens when my students do something they never dreamed they could do, or discover powerful new revelations about themselves, or tap into their personal power and strength. In my teaching, I emphasize moving with breath to quiet the mind, practicing mindfulness, and strengthening a loving relationship with oneself. My primary goal in teaching is to help my students connect to their essence, access their inner radiant light and become inspired to share that Light with the world.”

Dates: 9th June 2021 (Greece)

Arezu Kaywanfar

Arezu has been a Yogini for the majority of her life, which has undoubtedly shaped her into the woman she is today, and fuels her yearning to help others have similar self-connecting and grounding experiences. She began meditating at the age of 5, and started practicing Kundalini Yoga with Guru Singh by the age of 7. When she turned 14, she broke records, as she became the youngest certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. The following year, she answered her inner-calling to attend Miri Piri Academy, a Sikh International School in Amritsar, India where she deepened her yogic practice both physically and mentally. Arezu found herself immersed in a variety of spiritual, health, and wellbeing practices, as well as participated in many yoga and meditation intensives (both in India & summer retreats in France). After her experience in India, she attended George Washington University in Washington DC, where she had the opportunity to teach at many government institutions (World Bank, State Department, Peace Corps & IMF), as well as the University’s sport teams who noticed great improvements in their performance due to Arezu’s yoga instruction.


Upon completion of her degree in International Affairs and Humanitarian Studies, Arezu returned home to Los Angeles and followed the words of her teacher, GuruSingh, “love your work and you will never work another day in your life.” Due to her unwavering devotion and love for teaching yoga, Arezu decided to do what she loves most: helping others through teaching and inspiring them to connect within and follow their purpose/passions as well. Her brand, InspireZu, is all about finding ways to inspire one another through mind and body practices. She emphasizes working out as well as working in. She is also a Personal Trainer, Boxing, Aqua and Zumba Instructor but yoga remains her main focus and passion. She now teaches over 11 different modalities of yoga from Kundalini to Core Power to Restorative; however, she is most known for her trademarked fusion class, “Kundalini Core Flow” which combines most of her lineages.


Outside of her professional passion, Arezu is a strong advocate of community service. She is the Californian Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF), as well as their Director of Special Events. ARPF teaches a powerful Kundalini meditation that has been scientifically researched (by UCLA) to cure, reverse and help aid in preventing memory loss, as well as many other benefits. She is also a certified Yoga for Youth teacher for underprivileged and incarcerated youth in Los Angeles.


Through many different avenues, Arezu has been able to combine her varied skills, a wealth of knowledge, love for teaching, global thirst for traveling, and the sentiment to “give back” to live a truly well-rounded, full-bodied life; all of which is incorporated into her lifestyle brand, InspireZu. She is grateful for opportunities to teach workshops and retreats abroad, and fills her year teaching and traveling. 


Join her in Croatia as she will be bringing all of her above-mentioned expertise, knowledge and styles of yoga and meditation to not only work your body OUT but most importantly, IN! She is passionate about physical and emotional fitness and will be empowering us throughout the 7 days at sea, mentally and physically!

Date: TBA

Katie Schiffgen


Katie has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years but not until the last few years did she really fall in love with the practice. "To me it became more than simply a workout or stretches, but it filled up my soul. Each time I left my mat I felt like I knew myself a little better. I also felt a deeper connection to my body." Katie emphasizes breath and alignment in her classes and loves to help her students discover that they really are capable of so much more than they realize. She hopes her classes will offer a little something for everyone and that you will always leave feeling just a little more "full" than when you came.


Off her mat Katie enjoys hiking with her dogs, spending time in the sun, watching Netflix, traveling, camping, drinking tea, collecting succulents, laughing, making jewelry, going on motorcycle rides with her husband, and eating delicious food especially chocolate.


She received her 1,000 hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Inbody Academy in 2014 and has since attended various alignment based trainings in the Anusara (Inspired) method. She has taken immersions and workshops with Anusara Instructors Adam Ballenger, Christy Burnette, Sheldon & Lindsay Thieszen, Trista Winder, Sianna Sherman, and Sean Haleen… as well as Power Yoga instructors D’ana Baptiste and Brian Kest. Katie continues to learn and grow as a teacher from continuing education classes, learning from her fellow teachers, and observing and connecting with her students. She also holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Utah in International Studies with a Minor in Chinese.

Dates: 12th June 2021 (Greece)

Chrissie Alexander


Chrissie discovered yoga 15 years ago, loving the psychological benefits as much as the physical. Chrissie has been teaching since 2009, practising and training with Byron Yoga, Quantum Yoga/ Ayurveda, Clive Sheridan, Ashtanga & Jivamukti.  

Chrissie loves to help her students to connect back into their bodies with Hatha flow, yin yoga, meditation and pranayama techniques to calm the mind and bringing awareness to our subtle energy bodies and chakras. 

Teaching outdoors overlooking the ocean, Chrissie combines both loves of yoga and being a mermaid! 
As a naturopath, Chrissie also loves to use plant based food, herbs & supplements and a healthy lifestyle to optimise a healthy balance. 

Chrissie loves to take her friends and students on retreat, to give them a chance to really take a break from their busy schedules and go deeper into their yoga practice. 

The Yoga Sailing Retreat includes twice daily yin/yang yoga and meditation sessions that are tailored for all levels, as well as delicious plant-based breakfasts and lunches that will help you to feel light, bright and energised. Group dinners will give you the freedom to make your own food choices and sample the local cuisine. 
This yoga retreat will help you to deepen your yoga practice, recharge and enjoy some of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia. 

Chrissie is also an avid traveller, learning different languages and meeting different cultures. She volunteers with various charities including A sound life bringing yoga to students from kids to adults with trauma issues, addictions and anxiety, autism amd and recently worked with Syrian refugees in Greece. 

Chrissie couldn't imagine life without yoga.

Dates: 17th July 2021 (Croatia)

Dee Ishani

Dee found her way to yoga when looking for low impact activities to help her become more active when recovering from an injury. Over time, yoga became more than just a physical practice and she decided to do her foundation teacher training to learn more about yoga and to be able to share the practice with others.

Now working as a London-based yoga teacher, Dee focuses on fostering confidence, control and calm in her students. She uses asana, pranayama and meditation to respond to the needs of the group. Through physical movement and breath, Dee encourages students to find strength and stability in their practice to sustain them through their busy lives.

Dee is committed to her development as a yoga teacher and has continued her studies since completing her foundation training in vinyasa yoga. She has completed additional training in anatomy and physiology, teaching inclusive yoga, mandala methodology, pregnancy and post-natal yoga and decolonising yoga. She recently returned to university to train as a physiotherapist and is excited to see how that knowledge and skills influences her teaching and her ability to support her students.

Dates: 26th June 2021 (Croatia)

Stefanie Blaskovitz

Steffi started her yoga journey some 18 years ago. When thinking about it, she says it’s probably her longest relationship so far. She used to work in the fitness industry teaching different styles of high intensity classes flavored with long-hold stretching poses. Little did she know this would later link her to yin yoga. During her life she has played various sports, and always loved story telling as well as philosophy but missing the link between these fields. After her first yoga class, Steffi knew how she could finally match her passions and went to practice with many international renown names in the yoga world, such as Paul Grilley (founder of Yin Yoga), Bryan Kest (founder of Power Yoga), David Life & Sharon Gannon (founders of Jivamukti yoga), Sarah Powers, David Swenson, Kino McGregor, Leslie Kaminoff, Lance Schuler, Duncan Wong, Giselle Mari, Cat Alip-Douglas and many more to learn about yoga.

During all those years Steffi rolled and played with all kinds of yoga styles and teachers in order to find her home in old school power yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra and anatomy training, which all blend into her way of teaching yoga from a functional approach: respecting everyone’s unique bodies.

In her classes Steffi encourages each and every one of her students to work with their individual bodies and offers a multitude of options so everyone in class can benefit for their unique needs. She creates a safe environment for every yogi – from first time participant to long time experienced yogis and yoga teachers. Her classes are always mixed level but she ensures that everyone will be challenged in one way or another. By leading you in a playful and humorous way through strong, vigorous power yoga flows, Steffi’s classes ensure that you can distance yourself from the daily sources of stress. In her yin yoga classes, you will find yourself guided safely to a journey of deep tissue relaxation. There’s only one prerequisite: bring a smile!

Dates: 19th June 2021 (Croatia)

Carly Willers

I’m an aerospace engineer and 200 hour certified multi-style yoga teacher from Bedfordshire, UK. I have practiced yoga for 10 years. My yoga teacher training course was life changing for me, and I am grateful everyday that I get to share my passion for yoga and meditation with others. 

I bring genuine excitement and enthusiasm to every class. I hope to dive deep into a week of fun, challenging and restorative yoga with you during our trip. We will explore new themes every day and I am keen to tailor my classes to your wants and needs. 

I believe your yoga mat should be your safe place, and time spent there is a blessing and a gift to yourself. So whether you’re new to yoga, or have practiced for years, I couldn’t be more excited to spend a wonderful week exploring yoga together.

Dates: 11th September 2021 (Croatia)

Marta Mazzoni

Marta has been on a roller coaster with fitness her whole life. Having never been an athletic or sports oriented person, she found it hard to find a workout that she could fully enjoy and come back to time and time again. 

About seven years ago, Yoga brought a new joy into her life and she began studying all different forms, including Birkam, Iyengar, and Vinyasa.

After a car wreck in 2019, Marta’s has shifted her focus on putting an emphasis on core stability, breathe, and balance which has been the only things that brought her body back to full mobility. She has also began looking inward and has studied for the past 7 years Transcendental Meditation, and teaches meditation practices for private clients around the world.

Marta strives to bring yoga to everyone no matter what age. Her classes mix strength and core stability training, while linking breath to body and mind through vinyasa and movement. Her goal is to educate about protecting one’s body as we all evolve through our lives, and also to provide a space of meditative calmness in our cluttered and hurried world. You can find her meditations over on Instagram @martamazzonipgh

Marta’s has hosted various retreats with the intention of providing a fun, drama free, unique experiences possible. She continues to host retreats around her hometown of Pittsburgh and around the world.


Marta is also a solo traveler advocate, motivational speaker, creative consultant, wine and food enthusiast, and treasure hunter throughout the world. She hosts an award winning podcast called Marta on the Move Podcast. Which connects people through lifestyle, travel, and entertainment across the globe. Guests of the show have included Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Handler, David K Harbor, Patrick Wilson and more. Find her and her next adventure

Dates: 10th July 2021 (Croatia)

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