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Eliana S
Eliana S



Dates: 24 August 2024

Location: Croatia

Specialty: Traditional yoga

Meet Eliana, a vibrant yoga facilitator whose journey into yoga began through her work as an architect. In her quest to find solace from the stresses and anxieties of her profession, she discovered the transformative power of yoga's breathwork and mindful movement meditations. This revelation left an indelible mark on her being, igniting a passion to share the joy and wholeness she found on the mat.

Eliana initially felt overwhelmed by the myriad of classes, teachers, and styles available. As she ventured into fast-paced sessions alongside more flexible practitioners, she often felt out of her depth. However, through perseverance and a playful spirit, she eventually discovered the classes that resonated with her, bringing relief and a renewed sense of joy.

Upon becoming a certified yoga teacher, Eliana resolved to fill the void she experienced during her early practice. Her vision was clear: to create an inclusive sanctuary where everyone was welcome to practice yoga, a place where she endeavours that age, ability, sexual orientation, race, body type or anything else would never be a barrier. She unravels the profound teachings of yoga, gently weaving together the key tenets of this ancient practice. With a playful energy that uplifts and inspires, Eliana creates a space where her students can embark on their journey of the self, nurturing confidence and growth at their own pace. Her classes embrace the essence of traditional yogic wisdom, carefully crafted to empower and guide each individual towards their fullest potential.

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