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Dates: 08 June and 15 June 2024

Location: Croatia

Specialty: Bhakti, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin & Meditation

Krissi is a devotee of Bhakti; the yoga of love and devotion. And she uses her teaching as the way to spreading her knowledge of the philsophy and proving that it really is a deeply profound form of healing.


Originally qualified in Ashtanga Vinyasa, she is also a teacher of yin and meditation, Rocket and has accivied her BWY Certifiation to Teach yoga in Prisons - which is what most of her teaching is aimed around - Rehibilitatiom for the Soul.


Other qualifications and studies include Teaching Yoga for PTSD, Rewiring the brain through neuroplasticity, yoga for hypermobility, Toddler Yoga, and enhanced her sanskrit studies.


Regardless of the above, her actual style isn't labelled as anything imparticular; instead they are based around the unity of it all - the teaching of non-dualiry.


Merging together the practices of energetic somatic freeflow, pranayama and offering various meditation techniques - such as mindfulness meditation, zen and metta meditations.


Other self projects include the introduction to Wombens Naked Yoga Workshops which began the beginning of last year - the project works with past life regression and ancestorial trauma healinng.


The Samaritans and The Prison Phoneix Trust are two Charities that Krssi work with; delivering Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions to a number of prisons within the South-Eastern Region of the UK which is her proudest achievement within her teaching career.


Krissi is deeply passionate about the power of Rehibiliation through the therapetic practices of Yoga and Mindfulness. . All of her classes offer a deep cleanse of the soul leaving you a little more educated on the philosphy of the practice and the eager to want to know more! Fun, challenging yet you learn something new every time! Her classes welcome all, regardless of any limitations.

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