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Dates: 6 July 2024

Location: Croatia

Specialty: Ashtanga and vinyasa style flow

Christian Taylor Kloberdanz is a celebrated Functional Nutritionist, Yoga & SUP Yoga Instructor and owner of Christian Kloberdanz, LLC. She lives in Jacksonville,Florida with her 4 children. Christian is passionate about empowering her community to live a healthy, balanced life which incorporates individualized functional nutrition, yoga and healthy lifestyle habits.

Christian’s inspirational style of teaching yoga is rooted in ashtanga and vinyasa style flow. Her style emphasizes the fusion of alignment, balance, strength and breath, while encouraging her students to remain intuitive and playful as they grow in their practice. She will encourage you to own your practice and to explore the capabilities of your uniqueness.

Christian believes that yoga is an influential path to personal discovery and that the practice can serve as a teacher, leading one to their full potential. She also believes, "Yoga has the ability to reveal many deep rooted secrets within the practitioner. It is an exciting and fulfilling journey!"

When Christian is not counseling, interpreting labs, teaching or guiding others into a healthy, balanced life, she enjoys connecting with nature. She loves to hike, mountain bike, ski, paddle board and surf with her four children, ages 13-24, and granddaughter. She feels blessed to be alive and well and to have a career that serves herself and others.

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