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Dates: 21 September 2024

Location: Sardinia & Corsica

Specialty: Ashtanga, YIN, Yoga for Shoulders, and Yoga for the Core

Yoga came into my life when I was working in a a high pace busy office in downtown Ottawa 20 years ago. My passion of yoga lead me to want to teach others on how this practice will  benefit your body, mind and soul. My style of teaching is about using  a balance of demonstrating, correcting, and motivating the class. I focus on breath, meditation, moving slowly, and gently and at same time coming to your edge to get the full benefits of your yoga practise.  My current emphasis is to work with specialized groups where yoga has been scientifically proven to benefit as tool to overcome health and wellness barriers.

I believe in mastering life in such a way that you live to your full potential and have fun along the journey. I really enjoy the peace and tranquility of travelling by myself as its during these times you get to know your authentic self. I have been a competitive equestrian rider, worked in the financial industry for 25 years, love to cook organic from scratch food, enjoy yoga and hikes in nature. My favourite possessions are my bicycle and camera.  Recently you will find me in a glass fusion studio making creations from glass and photography. Morning meditations and daily yoga are always part of my day.


I’m passionate to motivate others that there are accessible tools available to live a healthy and happy life.

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