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Dates: 24 August 2024

Location: Croatia

Specialty: Vinyasa flow

Casey's journey with yoga began in 2010 during her study abroad experience in India, the motherland of this ancient practice. She felt a profound connection with her body and breath and a sense of peace and expansiveness after each class. 

In 2016, Casey completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali, and she returned in 2018 to immerse herself in the training again and deepen both her yoga and meditation practice. 

In 2019, Casey earned her Master's of Education in Mindfulness, driven by a desire to bring the benefits of her personal practices into the educational setting. Throughout her decade-long career as an international teacher in Thailand, Egypt and Mexico, Casey fostered yoga communities and led many yoga and mindfulness classes for both children and adults.

In her last teaching position, at the American School in Guadalajara, she dedicated time to supporting teachers' well-being post-pandemic by offering weekly morning meditations and after-school yoga classes to all staff members. 

In her most recent role as a wellness resident for Selina, she led daily yoga classes for guests at various Selina locations, including Selina Brisane and Selina St. Kilda in Melbourne, Australia.

Actively engaged in her own healing journey, Casey regularly participates and staffs at retreats, including Path of Love Retreat, which serve to enrich her own teaching presence.

Casey enjoys teaching a slower paced vinyasa flow accessible for all bodies. She approaches her classes with a sense of curiosity, playfulness, and exploration. During yin and restorative classes, she creates a space for participants to journey inwards.

Casey's student's appreciate her relaxed pace, her grounding and calming presence, and the inclusivity she fosters for individuals with all abilities and skills levels. 

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