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Dates: 27 July 2024

Location: Croatia

Specialty: Hatha, Gentle Flow & Restorative

"Creating joy & resilience through the experience of yoga." 

Certified in 2016 and practicing since the age of 16, Becca has 15+ years of yoga experience. Over the years, she has found a passion for creating yoga classes that are accessible to all with a focus on the student listening to the needs of their own body in order to create a sense of autonomy & empowerment. Becca has a passion for learning about tools to aid in nervous system regulation that are influenced &/ or coincide with the practice of yoga. To learn more about the newest research, Becca went back to school to pursue a degree in psychology with a certificate in contemplative inquiry at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Her best-loved classes included; Neuroscience, the Art & Science of Meditation, Zen Anthropology, and the Science of Stress - Stress Management & Biofeedback. Her research focused on yoga as a tool for women with PTSD, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and finding balance between the mystical and the science in yoga.

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